Marine is a present gen merpup and is owned by MidnightCollies.


Marine is a curious and playful pup. She's usually quiet around strangers at first but once she warms up to them she's really energetic and chatty. She loves to swim and play with her pals more than anything and loves to have fun under the sea. She's fascinated by everything and loves to go exploring and adventuring. She's very responsible and knows to not go looking for trouble, though her misadventures usually lead her right to it. She's knows though to flee at first signs of danger. She tends to stick close to her merpup friends and usually follows them around, she won't stray too far away.


Marine is a bright golden coloured merpup. She has golden/cream coloured semi perked ears and bright blue eyes. She has socks on both paws, her toes are cream coloured with darker tan/gold markings above them. She a light cream patch around her left eye. Her merpup tail is a mix of blues and silver in colour. She also wears a pearl necklace around her neck.


  • She is terrified of sharks and other big scary fish.
  • her friends sometimes call her Mari or Marina as nicknames.
  • She's close pals with Atlantis, the two grew up together and he's one of the pups she's closest too and loves to swim and play with her mer-pup pal.
  • She also loves to swim around with Sebastian another merpup friend of hers.
  • As pups, she and Atlantis felt weird if anyone mentioned them becoming sweethearts, claiming it strange since they were best friends. But as they grew older, both started to develop feelings for each other and eventually they ended up falling head over tail in love.
  • She's fascinated by the surface world and dreams of nothing more than being able to walk on the land one day and experience the warm sand and soft grass. When the merpup moon is full, she can be found sitting on rocks near the shore watching the moon and the town light up.
  • She has a small collection of shells and other things in her home, which is a small cave. Her most precious treasure is a small music box that she found in the reef one day.


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