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Marie is a 8 year old(in dog years) member of the PAW Patrol. Marie has a can do additude, likes to rough house with the other pups and is very gentle.

When she slides down the slide she does a surfing stance while howling and she rolls(Like how people roll in grass) in mid air.

PAW-Jet ticket

Passenger ticket for the PAW-Jet


  • When Marie was little she became best friends with Rosa (later to be a enviromental pup)and another dog. One day Rosa and Marie her a yelp and went to see what it was. Finding a dead poodle she licked to see if there was any blood. When see found there was blood the owner came out and screamed.The other dog said Marie did it even though she didn't and that dog knew it too. The dog hated Marie and wanted her to look like a murderer so she hired a ger
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    man sheperd to do the killing. After that day every one except Rosa,her parents and her owner thought she was a killer. Later that week the dog came back and turned on the stove, put a scarf on it and caused aused a big house fire. Her parents got her out of the fire then took a wok and threw it outside. No one came for five hours, and when they did Marie burst into tears finally out of her trance. After the house fire was put out Marie kept the bone the family would chew on every new years, the day her parents burned to death

Apperance Edit

Marie is a Cockapoo with medium magenta eyes.she is mostly a darker brown with light brown paws, fluff, eye circles, muzzle and tail.she has a black nose and wears magenta rimed glasses.

She wears a magenta vest with purple accents. She has a magenta pup-pack with a silver cross on the sign. It also has red lights. Marie wears a purple collar with a magenta tag

Trivia Edit

Marie is the oldest pup

She is the only one so far that has a parent history

The second female pup in the PAW Patrol

She is hinted to be Skye's cousin

Marie is hinted to have a crush on Marshall and in the other universe she has a crush on Carmal

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