Maria is the nickname of the Fennekin from Pups in the Magical World

Fanon AppearancesEdit


Maria is the first known good magic guardian of the magical world. She wears the powerful Mega Stone around her neck. She gave the message about Dark Chaos ponynapping Princess Twilight Sparkle. She's also Zo's love interest. Maria also has a tendency to speak French.


Maria is into style, but she's a bit of a worry-wart and a bit protective, strangely, only to Team Umizoomi, the pups except Skye, and Rainbow Dash, much to Applejack's enjoyment. After the pups defeated Dark Chaos, she stopped being so worried about the pups, but only the pups.


Maria wears a pink beret. She wears a Mega-Stone around her neck. She wears a pink bow on her left ear.


Maria had a tough past. In one of my fanficts, she was a snooty, ladish Snivy. (full name: Leah Seraphina Annika Snivy IV) After Generation VI, the snooty snake Pokemon became a Fennekin with the simple name of Maria Fennekin. She's only has a first name because Fennekin is a long name to write (and allows me to write it during class when the teacher isn't looking). She's still ladish, but she's now magical, a bit overprotective of who she chooses, and more generous and understanding.


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