She belongs to The-Rootbeer-Queen and exists in Tundra's fanon


Maranda is very sweet and gentle. She is very shy, but will warm up to pups as she gets to know them. She is quiet, but a good listener. She likes helping pups with their problems. She is very caring towards all living things, and adores taking care of all kinds of things. She has huge stage fright and will freeze up if ever caught in the center of attention. But when no one is looking, she is singing songs to help her plants grow. 


Maranda is a mostly white English Sheepdog. She has a grey 'cape' on her back that goes all the way down to her tail. Her ears are a light grey color and her eyes are a pretty blue. Her collar is a bit of a neon purple color. She has a tuft of fur that covers her left eye. Her tag is a light neon purple color and her crest is three tan seeds. You  


She is a Gardner pup and works along side Cayenne. Her uniform is a light neon color with Booties and a sun hat to match. 

Vehicle Edit



  • A watering can
  • Shovel
  • Seeds
  • A rake


'Grow plants Grow' 

'Flower power!' 



  • she always has a couple of potted plants she's growing.
  • She has a crush on Adrien and loves him with all her heart
  • She likes to wear lilacs in her fur.
  • Her favorite flowers are Daisies, Bluebells, and Lilacs.
  • She has a very pretty singing voice, but she rarely shows it to other pups.
  • She later gets a pet bunny named Rudus
  • She later adopts a little black lab pup and names her Bianca


Allera: mother

Timone: father

Jaque: brother

Klarissa: sister

Bianca: adopted daughter

Jeremy: Son-in-law

Adrien: mate

Lock: son

Tulio: son

Marmalade: daughter

Kleo: daughter

Friends Edit

Smiley: they're BFFs

Vinnie: they are good friends


She is afraid of really mean people and being the center of attention. 

Voice actorsEdit

Young Maranda: TBD

Teen/Adult Maranda: Andrea Libman (Voice of Fluttershy from MLPfim)

Stories she appears inEdit

Maranda admits


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