Majesty is Rosie's mother.


Fanon AppearancesEdit


Majesty is widely know for her different look from other Ninetales, her pink streaks. After she had an egg, she was chased by villains. She left her sweet egg in a bush, hoping not to endanger it. Penelope and Marshall found the egg there.


Majesty is a really kind Ninetales, who always places herself second. The way she left Rosie as an egg in what she thought was a safe place shows how much she loves her baby.


Majesty maybe a Ninetales, but she has pink streaks in her fur.


  • In Barbie & Her Sisters In a Pony Tale, Barbie met a horse she called Majesty. This horse has pink streaks in her hair. This is where Majesty got her name and her streaks. (I was planning to call her Goldie, but that's too obvious and that's BORING)

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