July 20, 2008 Marshall: lets watch tv Paw Patrol: Ok They Watched Spongebob Squarepants Ryder: Its Funny Rocky: Spongebob Is Violent Later on..... FBI: Rocky! Freeze!!! Rocky: why:( FBI: this is your chance rocky no saying "violent" Rocky: OK On The Storm Katie: So Ryder Did You brought you "pup pad" for games:) Ryder: yeah Skye: I Have The Narrators Phone Skye: IM PLAYING Stair Dismount Ryder: with what face Skye: your face Ryder: WHAT!!!! (Ryder Destroys Narrators phone) Narrator: Bad Boy Ryder: Oops Ryder watches the wave hitting princess of the stars Rubble: I will die Katie: i bought a rubber boat Rubble: yay Ryder: No rubber boat I will turn my ATV a Hovercraft Katie: Cool The pups exept skye and rubble watches team umizoomi Chase: we are not in storm All pups: YAY All Powers Shut Off exept the tv Chase: lets watch Tv electricity blows up Chase: GEO Geo: Where are we Bot: wheres milli Geo: milli is on umi city Bot: OK Ryder Felt sleepy and began to sleep A Loud Lightning hits the sea Geo and Bot: WERE GONNA DIE!!! Geo and bot drowned Ryder: who drowned (while sleeping) Rubble: GEO AND BOT Ryder: NOOOOOOO Ryder: ILL USE MY ATV Princess Of The Stars Is Upside Down But the paw patrol and katie Katie: im dying Marshall: I will save you katie (throws antitode at her face) Katie: yay Ryder: i have a escape plan (explodes hull) All survivors: YAY When Sailing After Capsizing of princess of the stars Ryder: Oh No ryders atv sunked Ryder: KATIE Ryder Drowned Remaining survivors: RYDER!!! Ryder Landed On a Umi City Submarine Rubble: Hes Dead:( Katie: yeah The pups collar rings Ryder: I LANDED IN A SUBMARINE Katie: Yay

Mv princess of the stars

Shipwreck Of MV Princess Of The Stars

May rest in peace Trivia: The Story Is Based On The Film Poseidon(2006) Difference. The Princess Of The Stars Didnt get back on sinking mode:(

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