Lyon was adopted from Kittens&Puppies

Personality Edit

When you first meet him he can be rude and slightly insensitive but its mostly because of his insecurity from his past. Hes actualy a really nice pup but he usualy hides it and acts like he doesent care or something even when hes very emotional about a subject. When he gets older he does open up a bit but hes still usualy very distant from pups he isnt close to. Every once in a while he will break down over something he has been holding in for to long and has a meltdown.

Apperance Edit

Hes mostly white with a sandy tan color on his ears, Muzzel and his ear tips. His left ear is half flopped and his right ear is perked. He also has sandy tan on his tail tip. His Back and part of his shoulders are grey and his front toes are grey

Bio Edit

Lyon was the last born of his Parents pups. Harold was born only a little bit before him and Jazzmine was quite older than him. He loved both his siblings and his parents all and was happy that his family ended up having a happy ending

He joined the paw patrol after catching them on a mission and identifying a few rocks on the spot. Astoniched by his talent Ryder gave him his spot on the Paw Patrol.

Trivia Edit

Job Edit

He works as the pups Geologist Pup and his Crest is a Pick cracking a rock open.

Catchprases Edit

  • "I'm Ready to Rock and Roll" (Rockydog)

Pup Pack Edit

  • A Tiny Pick Axe (to break rocks)
  • Rock Chart
  • Claw to Pick Rocks out
  • A Shovel

Vehicle Edit


Fears Edit

Random Edit

  • He is a little older than Most Trainees
  • He has a Pet Parrot named Paco, His Parrot is incredibly rude to most other pups and will atack them at random, usualy not damaging them but sometimes he does leave scratches.
  • He works with Kodiak when he needs to get higher up on a hill to fetch rocks
  • He has a Brother, Harold and a Half Sister, Jazzmine

Crush Edit

When he joined the paw patrol Lyon had a huge crush on Skye unaware that she and Chase where dating he always tried to do things to wo her and make her fall for him. Eventualy Chase noticed this and explained to Lyon that Skye had a boyfriend. Lyon was heartbroken at first but eventualy got over it but never wanted to fall in love again. He kept that promise to himself untill he met Peachy. For the first while after he met her he relized that she was hopelessly crushing on Zeus and wanted to help her because he knew that Zeus and Tidalwave didnt seem to be breaking up any time soon. Eventualy though he gave up and admited his feelings to her and the two started dating.

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