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Lusa is a female Shiba Inu. Her debut is in Pups Save A City Monster.
PAW-Jet ticket

Passenger ticket for the PAW-Jet


Lusa is the 7th pup in the Paw Patrol, her main colour being light blue. Her jobs are based on fixing electrical devices and checking them to make sure they work correctly, as she is a Tech Pup. She loves apples and thus hanging out at Farmer Yumi's farm. While she isn't good at Pup Pup Boogie, she watches Skye and Chase play it often, and tries to dance along. Lusa apparently can't 'tail spin', due to her curly tail.


Lusa is fun-loving and tries out new things. She seems to be good friends with Rubble, and might have a crush on him. She also is protective about her laptop, and tells Marshall to "watch where he sprays water-laptops do not go well with it!" Rocky often helps her out with missing computer parts in his truck, and she questions how he got so many things in there at all.


Lusa is the only techie pup, and is good at fixing them and helping other be safe on the internet. She can apparently 'drive any and all of the paw patrols vehicles.' With the exception of Skye's since she has a fear of heights. When she goes down the slide, she sits on her back paws in the 'king of the world' position while barking or howling. When she jumps off, she does a forward roll in mid air.


Lusa is adorable with big amber eyes. She is slightly taller than Skye, has upright ears a muzzle similar to Chase's and curly tail. She has tricoloured/black and tan fur.


"Zap, zip! I'll make it quick."

"I care for computers!"

"Lusa loves laptops!"

"Watch it Marshall!"

"Lusa does not lie!"


She may have a crush on Rubble. (Hinted in Pups Save A Ryder.)

She use to be a stray. (Proved in Pups Save A City Monster.)

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