Lunar belongs to Tundrathesnowpup- also known as Musicalmutt2 on deviantart

A pup i adopted from AwkwardNachos on DeviantArt~ She was too cute i couldn't resist (kinda tweaked with the personality AwkwardNachos wrote, but she came up with it for the most part) 
Lunar 2


Lunar is a mixed-breed with long, dark brown poofy ears with a lighter gray-brown stripe through them. She has a light gray-brown mask and "socks" on her paws as well as a light brownish belly and a dark brown tip on her curly tail. She has a turquoise/light blue criss-cross collar with a dark badge with a moon in the middle. Her badge edges glow at night. Her uniform is a darker navy blue color- looks slightly like Chase's new spy uniform. She sports a light blue and black spotted pup-pack with a moon on it, kind of like Princess Luna's cutiemark. 

She's almost always wearing her night-vision goggles and watch- and tends to freak out if she can't find either one of them.


She's a night watch-pup and watches over the lookout and the other pups at night, just in case there's any possible danger.

Wearable accessories: Night-Vision goggles and an electronic compass/ digital voice transmitter watch  

Pup pack tools: grappling hook, rope, tent, stun gun (only stuns for a few minutes so she can apprehend someone), 


Lunar tends to take her job very seriously, and usually doesn't have time/feel like playing with her friends. She can tend to be snappy at times, but is usually very nice and sweet if you treat her with respect and kindness. If you bug her, she'll hold a grudge. She talks in a soft voice most of the time, cause everyone is usually sleeping, and even in the daytime, the habit carries over.


  • Her nicknames are Lulu and Luna- but sometimes she's also called "Night Owl" 
  • She rarely has time to sleep, but when she does, she tends to sleep through the day-time- hence the nickname "night owl" 
  • She has a crush on Jack, but tries not to let it show to distract her from keeping watch. Though if she were to play with any of the pups during the day- it'd usually be with Jack
  • She and Jack eventually get together and get married. They also have two pups in the future; Amaris and Solana
  • She becomes a mentor/partner to Vega
  • As an adult she gains another apprentice, South
  • As an adult she becomes close friends with Kyla and the two like to train together
  • She and Vega become security guards at West Paw High School


  • By the light of the moon, I'll be there to watch over you
  • I spy some trouble
  • Owl take care of the problem
  • While you sleep and snooze, i'll be on the move

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