Info Edit

Lucky is good natured and lovable. He's a big goofball and loves making others laugh. He can make a game out of anything. He's pretty laidback and always willing to give it his best. He loves frozen treats and snow. .

Appearance Edit

he has a caramel colored snout, chest, neck, legs, and paws. The rest of him is black. He has brown eyes and a blue collar. His tag is white with the picture of a computer as his crest.

Uniform Edit

He is a tech pup. His uniform is light grey with a white and dark grey hat.

Family Edit

Grenate: father

Lolila: mother

Thorn: mate

Trivia Edit

  • He has a crush on Thorn.
  • he loves X-men comic books.
  • he loves to play mine sweeper.
  • He absolutely adores Ice-cream

Fears Edit

he has a huge fear of bears.

Stories he appears in Edit

25 days of Christmas

Gallery Edit

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