After seeing how happy the PAW Patrol was with their pups, Winter and Jafar decided to have pups of their own. First came Mulan, then Ali, then the little runt Oliver.

Appearances: Edit


Mulan is a light tan pup with long golden ears. She has brown socks on both her back paws and brown toes on her front paws. She has bright blueish-green eyes and wears a light purple collar with a tag of a rock being broken into peices.


Ali has golden fur with semi-perked white ears. He has light tan rings on his front paws that lead to white socks. His back paws are flopped, white rings and tan socks. He has hazel eyes and wears a golden collar with a snokwflake tag.


Oliver has light golden fur with a white muzzle, socks, chest, and heart-shaped mark over his right eye. His left ear is flopped and completly golden while his right ear is semi-perked and black with golden spots. He has blue eyes and wears a dark blue collar with red stripes on it and a golden bone tag

Personalities: Edit


Mulan is energetic and playful, and very adventurous. She loves digging where there's rocks, finding them beautiful. If she has her mind on something, she'll make sure she achives her goal. She's the opposite of her mother when it comes to making friends, being very outgoing and not caring what others say about her. She is the Leader of the trio


Ali is friendly and shy, preferring to read indoors or watch movies with his parents then make friends until his father takes him for a walk near the place Ollie trains pups to be sled dogs. After that day, Ali became very outgoing and patinent. He reacts quite slowly to things like disasters, bit he'll try to help the best he can, ever if it means getting his ears dirty, the thing he cares most about.


Oliver is selfless and loving. He'd rather put himself in danger than even let one innocent person or pup be beaten or hurt. He's more of a momma's bo and is usually sticking by Winter's side. He's brave and hones, and polite too. He's actually quite shy and soft-voice. He's really gullible and sensitive, though. He's also pretty creative and wants to build things like a car, but Winter doesn't let him near water or cars. He's also quite troublelike and oblivious sometimes

Trivia: Edit

-Mulan was named after Fa Mulan in Disney's Mulan

-Ali was named after Prince Ali/Aladdin in Disney's Aladdin

-Oliver was named after Oliver from Winter's favorite game, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

-Oliver wants to train under Rocky, bit instead becomes a therapy pup

-Ali becomes a sled pup after seeing Ollie training some pups

-Mulan wishes to train under Rubble

-Oliver is sometimes calles "Ollie-boy" by his mother, and he just smiles

-All three pups share their mother's love for Disney and games

-Oliver is terrified of the dark, so Winter tried to make a toy like Rocky did to his daughter but failed so badly that she just bought one that looks like Drippy in his doll form from Ni No Kuni being the weirdo she is that glows in the dark. He is also scared of water, hearing stories of video games and books his mother and father tell him and his sister and brother

-The boys live with their father at Katie's, much to Cali's anger with more puppies

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Crushes: Edit



Oliver- (I'll be picky with Oliver)

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