Here are puppies of Yvonne and her mate Rocky.

Bio Edit

They were born on 2 July. First was born Jewel. After 15 minutes was born Azalea. Yvonne and Rocky moved back to Adventure Bay when they were 4 months old. When they were 8 months old, they learnt how to play with puppies of Rubble and Queenie Aloe. Adventure Bay was a new place for them, because it was other than Kazaschtan where they were born.

Description Edit

Jewel - a female mixed breed puppy. She's got fluffy, deep pink ears and tail, yellow fur, one eye green and one eye brown. She has grey patch on one of her eyes. She wears purple bow on her neck. Her wish is to be a fighting pup. She's sweet, plaful but a bit guarding. She's voiced by Nicole Oliver.

Azalea - her ears and tail are red, fluffy. Her eyes are brown, she's got grey fur and she wears pink bow. She's like her father. She wants to be a snow pup. She's voiced by Cree Summer

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