The lost at sea pups is a group of second gen pups that were either abandoned or lost at sea right now in the group is a total of five pups. All of these pups are under the age of 2-4 months.

All these pups for designed for me by WittleFuzzyPuppehs


Laguna: Laguna's fur is white with orange spots consisting on her as well. She has semi floppy ears with orange tips and between her eyes she has a unique marking. She has orange cheek fluff and paws too. Her eyes are a lovely light ocean blue color. Her tail is a pattern of four colors from red fading to orange than yellow. Her tail fin and skirt are a lighter yellow.

Genevieve: Genevieve has red brown fur with a white muzzle, and chest and stomach with white paws. Her front left paw has red brown toes. White wraps around from the bottom left of her left eye to her ear. Her right ear is white as well and both ears have red brown tips. She has a pointed ear and one floppy ear with forest green eyes.Her tail is blue then goes to light blue then pink and continues this pattern one more time. Her tail fin and skirt are a lighter blue than the light blue.

Dew: Dew has the same red brown fur coat as her twin sister with a white muzzle but with a black strip on her lower lip. She has a white chest and underbelly with white paws, but she has black toes in her left paw and red brown toes on her right paw. Her ears are the same as her sister's but both are black. She has three black dots under her eye and on her left shoulder with the same tail and eye color as her sister too.

Clader: Clader has somewhat of a husky look to him with a white face traveling down his neck, chest, and to his underbelly. He has a coat of tan grey with a small patch on top of his muzzle. He has brown paws with tan grey toes with white legs. He has several spots following the tan grey line along the white starting on his leg and going down his stomach. He has a brown right eye and a green left eye. His tail starts with green then goes to light green repeating two more times. His skirt and tail fin are an even lighter green.

Kawai: Kawai has a white coat with peach colored legs that wraps around her back like a panda with white toes too. She has short fluffy ears and a fluffy tuff on her head the same color and half of her muzzle is the same color too. She has several black freckles covering her face. She has lovely sea green eyes and her tail starts with a blue mint stripe then goes to white then yellow repeating the pattern twice more. Her skirt and tail fin are a light grey color.


Laguna: Lagua is the oldest of the group. She is a little scared of the vast ocean and terrified if anything were to happen to the other pups of the group. Right now she is stuck on what they should do.

Genevieve: Genevieve is shy and gentle to mostly everyone she meets. She either hides behind her sister or any of the other pups or goes off to hide. She does love the sea and the life living under it wondering what else is around the ocean waters.

Dew: Dew is Genevieve's twin sister. She isn't as shy as her sister but is still cautious about some new pups or other strangers she meets. She wants to learn new stuff and understand why all of them have come to meet like this.

Clader: As his name means cold this pup isn't like that. He's very kind and is curious about everything and that mostly gets him and his friends into trouble. He's curious where they even are and why they are there.

Kawai: Kawai is the youngest pup in the group at only a couple weeks old about to open her eyes. As she gets older though she becomes curious about the world around her and somewhat adventurous, but at her age right now she has no idea what's going on.


Laguna: Laguna was just a young pup when she lost from her family. She had no clue what to do after a shark had found their little undersea cave. Her parents had shoved her into a small escape hole that she could only fit through at the time, but she didn't go all the way through she wanted her parents with her so she turned around and swam back through, but when she got back all she saw was red around her in the water not a single sign of her parents.

Genevieve & Dew: These two twins were abandoned together and they don't know why but they blamed theirselves that their parents didn't want them. Making the two fear to get close to anyone thinking they would just get abandoned again, but when meeting Laguna and Clader the two finally opened up to them and joined them, but they still fear of having anyone as parents.

Clader: Clader had no idea of his past. He just remembered his name and wandering the ocean before he met the other lost pups and became a part of their family.

Kawai: Kawai was found by the other lost merpups. She was just curled up in a small patch of seaweed so young with her eyes still closed. None of the other merpups knew what to do until Laguna swam up and gently placed her within her paws claiming to the other merpups that they had. A new little sister to the family. They helped nursed her by feeding her soft clams enough for her to eat on her own until she could eat small amounts of food.


Name meanings

  • Laguna means lake, pond
  • Genevieve means white wave
  • Clader means cold water
  • Kawai means the water

New Families

  • Laguna has no family yet
  • Genevieve and Dew have no family yet
  • Clader was adopted by Atlantis and Marine
  • Kawai was adopted by Coral and Maui


  • Coral will sometimes give little Kawai her crystal so she can go on land and play with her siblings
  • Laguna is good friends with Sawyer, she poses for him so he can take pictures of her and also does a variety of tricks too.


  • Clader has a crush on Dottie
  • None of the girls yet have crushes