• The episode starts with a white line similar to Alfred Hitchcock appearing on the screen with the theme song of Alfred Hitchcock Presents playing in the background. Zuma walks near the white line then looks at us.

Zuma: Good evening. I am Zuma of the PAW Patrol. Unlike most episodes of the show, this one will be featuring three stories. A nightmare on Halloween, an adventure that is out of this world, and a vampire love story that nobody wants. This is... The Lookout of Horror!!!!!!

  • Lightning roars. A title screen appears. PAW Patrol present: The Lookout of Horror! As more lightning roars,we zoom in on the open gates of a cemetery that are forced open due to the storm. We then see five tombstones that read: Alfred Hitchcock, William Shakespeare, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe and Jay Ward. We then zoom in on The Lookout where the pups are staying inside from the rainstorm.

Rocky: Aw man,It's raining!

Skye: So much for trick or treating this year.

Ryder: Cheer up,pups! I've got an idea on how to make this Halloween the scariest. Any ideas?

Marshall: I've got one! How about we tell scary stories?

Ryder: Excellent idea! Who wants to start?

Zuma: I do!

Ryder: OK Zuma, take it away!

Zuma: OK, this story is about how the monsters you know will come and get you today! It's called: The Midnight Fright! *He laughs evilly

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