They are a group of strays that make up the London PAW Patrol. They also rescue strays

Members Edit

Diver- Diver is the leader of the LPP

Lanini-Lanini is the water rescue pup

Adabelle- Adabelle is the eco pup of the group

Nikon- Nikon is the police pup

Starli- She is the aviation pup for the group she also works as a adopter

Gilbert-He is the fire pup of the team

Klondike- He is the construction pup for the gang and he is a adopter.

Snowpetal- She is the snow/ice rescue pup of the squad and she is a adopter.

Trainees Edit

Strays and Helpers Edit

Here is a list of the strays and helpers they have around the alley which is very big

Adopters Edit

Special pups help some strays find forever homes and families.

Starli- She also works as an adopter

Stories the group appears in Edit

Pups and the Survival Challenge

The Disabled PAW Patrol goes to London

Pup Pup Cluedo, American Detectives in London

Double Blooming Romance, A Pair of New Beginnings

Notes/Trivia Edit

-You are allowed to design a pup for the group but please ask us and tell us the job. Also they have to be a stray!

-Please ask to use other pups in stories before using them. It keeps from confusing others and starting fights

-You are also allowed to design a stray or helper if you want.

-Please tell us if we have a wrong link or if we made a typo. Or if we did something wrong with the characters. It would help us out very much

-Please credit ROCKYDOG13 and Vixiedog for the group

-This group is a part of Tundra's fanon

-They are pen pals with the Disabled PAW Patrol

Gallery Edit

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