info Edit

Logan is Rubble's charming older brother. He is very rough-and-tumble and enjoys many athletic sports. He likes to tease his little brother sometimes, but is very supportive and a loving older brother. He is very kind and polite to ladies and has a lot of admirers.

appearance Edit

He looks just like his brother, but he has a reddish-brown tail-tip and back paws. He has yellow eyes and a dark yellow collar.

Voice actors Edit

Young Logan:

Teen/adult Logan: Charlie Barkin

Family Edit

Rubble: brother

Arianna: sister-in-law

Julie: mate

Raven: nephew

Ryan: nephew

Aron: nephew

Livie: niece

Jane: niece

Trivia Edit

  • he has a crush on Julie
  • He loves playing football the most.
  • He is rather happy-go-lucky

Fears Edit


Stories he appears in Edit

25 days of Christmas

Gallery Edit

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