A short song from Pups Don't Dance.

This is a song where Vivica sings (while acting) as she is the star in a movie called "Angel Puff Ark". Zuma stops the song by stealing the limelight. (Also, some of the pups are dressed as the different animals in this song)


Vivica: Now the people they were so bad

That the war made the rain come down

And he washed away the bad cities

And he washed away the bad town

And all of the people drowned

But the animals

It was different

Though some of them drowned too

The others were just poor animals

And they didn't know what to do


I built a Little Boat

As cute as it could be

And I put all the animals two-by-two

In my Little Boat on the sea

The moo-cows went...

Chase (as cow): Moo-moo

Vivica: The piggies went...

Marshall (as pig): Oink-oink

Vivica: And all the little birdies went tweet tweet tweet

In my Little Boat on the sea

Vivica: The kitty-cats went....

Rubble (as cat): Meow!

Precious: *Meows*

Vivica: The little pups went...

Penelope: Woof....

Zuma: Arrwwoooo

Vivica: And the lion went....

Lilac (as lion): *weakly* Roar...

Zuma: Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, arrrwwooooooo

Vivica: In my Little Boat on the sea

Zuma: Talkin' 'bout the boat in the sea



On the sea

(Music stops)

Uh... Bark?

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