Day of the cats. Cast Marshall Chase Rocky Rubble Skye Zuma Kai Jay Cole Lloyd Cali  Alex Zap Dixie Frosty

Calling all hero's! Cast Kai Jay Zane Cole Lloyd Ryder Chase Rubble Marshall rocky Zuma Skye Katie Alex Jake Mayor goodway Benny 

Pups fight Godzilla cast Lloyd Chase Zuma Skye Rocky Rubble Ryder Marshall Mayor Goodway Alex 

Pups vs nindroids Kai Jay Zane Cole Lloyd Chase Rubble Ryder Marshall Rocky Skye Zuma Shimmer

Pups save Ryder cast Jay Cole Lloyd Chase Rocky Rubble Ryder Skye Zuma Marshall Katie Alex

Pups fight aliens cast Kai Jay Zane Cole Lloyd Ryder Chase Rocky Rubble Skye Zuma Jeffrey ( New pup) Benny 

Final movie 

Pups fight monstrous OVER Lord cast Kai Jay Zane Cole Lloyd Chase Rubble Ryder Marshall Skye Zuma Rocky Alex Katie Jack ( New kid ) Jake Mayor goodway Benny Shimmer

Tv show eps for s1

1 Pups and Alex: Alex helps with a emergency

2 Pups and the ghost castle: the pups and ninjas go to a haunted castle

3 Pups save Jay: Jay gets trapped and the paw patrol saves him

4 Pups & Benny: Benny becomes a member of the paw patrol

5 Pups save Easter: the Easter bunny needs help

6 Pups need ninjas: the paw patrol gets stuck and its up to the ninjas to save them!

7 Pups upgrade: the pups gear and vehicles upgrade

8 Pups save Cali: cali gets stuck on a roof!

9 Pup pup race: Marshall race around the world in a grand prix!

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