Lilybell is the herb collecter pup for Deaton's Paw Patrol!

Bio Edit

coming soon

Appearance Edit

Lilybell is a Morkie, a Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese mix, which makes her fur shorter. Her colors are a bit light then most pups. She has black on her top part of her head above her eyes and he top of her tail. She has light caramel on the rest of her body. She wears mint green ear bows in her ears. She has mint green eyes and wears a mint green collar with her badge which is a green background with herbs in a basket.

Personality Edit

She is sweet and caring and a bit overprotective. She likes to meet new friends and is easily freaked out if she meets a mean pup.

Crush Edit

She has a crush on Screech and together they have six puppies

Trivia Edit

  • She likes to hang out in an herb garden
  • She is very careful with her usage of herbs
  • She works along side Sarabi and helps her out
  • She is good friends with Countess and finds herbs to help Countess with her lungs

Stories Edit

Stories by me Edit

First Gen Edit

Lilybell's Christmas Miracle

Second Gen Edit

Stories by others Edit

First Gen Edit

Second Gen Edit

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