This is a PAW Patrol short, which involved what the other pups do before they recive the call.


(Lilac walks into the Lookout)

Lilac: Who-whee! Those were some real tasty carrots.

(She hears music)

Music: Do the Pup-Pup Boogie

Shake it, take it

Lilac: Besty from Heavens, what's that?

(She walks over to where the music is coming from)

Music: Show'em what you got

Shimmy, groove it

(She sees Skye and Marshall dancing to the Pup-Pup Boogie) 

Lilac: Howdy, Skye. Howdy Marshall. What y'all doing?

Marshall: We're playing Pup-Pup Boogie 2.

Skye: It's a dancing game.

Lilac: Ah know what yuh talking about.

Marshall: You can play too.

Lilac: Uh... no thank yuh.

Skye: Why not?

Lilac: .... Okay, Ah know Ah'm a great sports pup, but... Ah can't dance...

Music: *record scratch*

Marshall & Skye: You can't dance!?

Lilac: Always goof up....

Skye: Well, I bet I can teach you.

Lilac: Well, yuh are one hot-diggity dancer, whatever that means...

Marshall: Here take my place.

(He hops off his mat) (Lilac walks onto it)

Lilac: What do Ah do?

Skye: Just move your paws on the part of the mat that glows on the screen.

Lilac: All right...

Skye: Here we go!

(Music plays)

Music: Do the Pup-Pup Boogie!

Show'em what you got!

(The two pups start to move) (The duck keeps quacking on Lilac) (That means she's not doing well)

Lilac: Why is this dang song so dang fast!?

Marshall: It's your first time.

Skye: There are rules to this game, but the most important rule in dancing is to have fun.

Marshall: And get swept into the music! Oh yeah!

(He starts dancing)

Music: Do the Pup-Pup Boogie

Shimmy, groove it

Lilac: All right. Here Ah go!

(She starts to get her moves right)

Yee-Hoo! Look at me now!

Skye: You're doing great, Lilac. But now comes the hard part.

(She and Marshall both stand on their tails) (Lilac wobbly follows their lead)

Marshall: And...

Marshall and Skye: Tailspin!

(They both start to spin really fast) (Lilac spins fast too) (But she then gets herself, Marshall, and Skye in a mini-whirlwind) (They crash into the wall)

(After they shake the dizziness out)

Lilac: Sorry...

Skye: It's all right.

Marshall: Yeah. That was great for your first lesson; eventhough you kind of goofed up...

Lilac: Are yuh kidding!? That was the most fun Ah ever had!

Skye: I'm glad you enjoyed it. How about we celebrate with some meatballs?

Marshall: Mmmm.... meatballs... (licks his lips)

Lilac: Uh.... No thank yuh.

Marshall: (breaks out of his trance) Wha--

Skye: Why not?

Lilac: Ah'm a 'veggietarian'.

Skye and Marshall: Huh?

Music: Do the Pup-Pup Boogie (ends)

{The End}

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