Lil' Leah is a young Snivy that lives in the Magical World.

Fanon AppearancesEdit


Lil' Leah is a little Snivy, who was captured by the Smuggling Pinchers. She tried to escape, but she got herself recaptured and both Apple Bloom and Tails captured as well. 

Later, she aided Tails in his escape plan by using her vine as a lock pick on their cages, but the plan failed and they both ended up being locked up tighter. 


Lil' Leah is a bit dramatic and really sassy. But she's surprisingly cowardly for being gutsy and is also a mommy’s little girl. Surprisingly, she is actually really helpful with her vine whip. Even though she had little fate in Tails' escape plans. 


Lil' Leah wears a red scarf around her neck.


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