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Lightning is based off my dog in real life. He is a full blood beagle. He is my mechanic pup for the PAW Patrol. His badge is a gear with a wrench crossed in front of it.


Lightning is a very upbeat pup. He usually is very happy, but has a huge tendency to be smart. He likes to stand up for what's right. That however, does NOT, mean he doesn't do bad. He will blackmail, argue, and sometimes encourages fighting when he thinks a certain person he doesn't like might get destroyed. Though he can be bad, he loves to play around. He can get easily distracted during important times. He has no tolerance though. It makes him seem ignorant. He also has a love for taking stuff apart and rebuilding stuff. He can be a really good friend at most times and when friends need him most, he will be at their side.


He has mostly completely brown fur. He has a white patch of fur in the front of his neck to a little past his front legs. The tips of each of his feet are also white (That is why I chose him as my dog from a litter of 6 pups). His uniform is black and he wears a black baseball cap with a gear on it.


Coming after The Lost Mechanic is finished. This may be about 2 weeks from now. I've actually been working on it actively, however, I'm still working out lots of dents and it seems my storyline is off on timing, making Ryder 13, so I'm working on that. Also, it seems to be really long. I will finish it as soon as possible.

Vehicle and Pup PackEdit

He drives a black jeep. His vehicle is very hard to see when its dark. It has a massive toolbox in the back. His pup pack contain a claw like rocky's, wire cutters, prybar, multimeter, a hammer, and pliers. He usually carries around a jack in his truck.


"Nuts? bolts? Gears? I'm all ears!"

"This pup will fix it up!"

I am still working on his catchphrases. I may add more later.


He has a great fear of lightning and any amount of energy that could fry him. He is way overly cautious when working with breaker boxes, jumper cables, and kites. He is not Benjamin Franklin. He also has claustrophobia. He can not stand cages.


He has a crush on my OC Thunder (Chase911) (page coming soon) (This was not a coincidence. My dog Thunder was named after Lightning)

In the cracked ship, He has a crush on Confettithepartypup's Thunder. (That was kind of a coincidence)


Coming Soon

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