Libby is a Snow patrol ice Rescue pup and trains under Goliath. She belongs to Puppylove5


Bio Edit

Coming soon

Appearance Edit

She's a very light grey Husky Akita cross with darker grey ears and muzzle. She has white toes and a white stripe between her Bright blue eyes. she's really fluffy and has a curly tail.

Personality Edit

Instead if her mentor Libby isn't really clever. She always got herstelf stuck, and she's extremely clumsy, she's the Marshall of the trainees. Sometimed she's jealus about how smart Goliath is but then she just decides to prank him. She's always happy and loves to Joke around, making people laugh. Though she's sometimed a bit to jealus.

trivia Edit

  • She's very close to Pretzel
  • she's also pals with Juno and love to spend time with him and play
  • her cousin is Goliath
  • She is crushinh hard on Krapfen making her even more clumsy then she already is, she loves to be around him and "stalks" him a lot XD

gallary Edit

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