Info Edit

Leviathan is neither pup nor machine, but a mix of both. It is very crafty and a real trickster. It has no true gender, and can be both male and female. It is a shapeshifter, and will transform into anything it pleases. It is wired and made so that it can have feelings, but it's strongest feeling and what it strives for is hate. It hates almost everything that moves, and some that don't. It strives for the destruction of all other life, and would see the planet destroyed if it could. It is very hard to contain, and is super-human strong.

Appearance Edit

Leviathan has no true form, and It also has no actual skin, and it only appears to have skin when it shapeshifts. The 'skin' can be taken of quite easily, and underneath it reveals the inside of the robot.

Food Edit

It feeds on discord and anger. Usually it creates it itself. It starts out by finding a good candidate, then gets rid of that candidate so that it can take that pup/person's place. Then it stirs up as much trouble as possible, using any means necessary.

creators Edit

it doesn't remember much about it's creators, only that they created him as a weapon. But a weapon for what is the question.

Trivia Edit

  • it goes by many names, but the one it prefers is Leviathan.
  • it surprisingly can feel love, and does have a crush on some pup. But who? That is to be revealed later.
  • it has no batteries, and never has to be recharged. As long as it has food, it stays functional.
  • it is biding it's time, gathering power quietly and tries not to draw attention to itself. But when it's ready, it will be one of the greatest threats the world will ever have faced.

fears Edit

surprisingly, it does have fears. It fears death and being discovered before it's completely ready.

stories it appears in Edit

Sarah v.s Chase

gallery Edit

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