First generation crack ship story.

Story Edit

It was a cold rainy day in Adventure Bay and several pups including Angel were watching a movie till the elevator doors opened. The pups turned teir attention to the elevator seeing a Marshall standing in front of it. “W..what ifhe’s going to sit next to me?!” Angel tought blushing slightly turning her attention to the ground.

“Ooooh! Oliver and company!” Marshall beams as he walks past Angel setteling down next to Skye.

Angel letted out a sign. “Of cours…” she whispers softly. She looked nervous at the pups who were focused on the movie. “I uhm.. I got a headache” She says slowly walking off. Marshall and Skye shared puzzled look each other.

“Are you alright hun?” Skye asked as Marshall got up. “ I need to check you..?”.

“No” Angel snareld “you have done enough… just leave me alone” she says softly getting into the elevator as it closed.

“W..what have I done..?”

Marshall turned a bit red as he started to the ground. "She is so offensive to me... what does she mean with you have done enough?". Skye patted her friend gently on his back "I dunno, she's acting really weird the last few weeks!". Marshall nodded slowly "I better go talk to her, I think..." Skye inerupted him "I think you should leave her alone~". "Ehm.. if you say so, your the expert" he says smiling softly.

Meanwhile Angel layed down dramatically in her pup-house, her paws covering her eyes. "Why did I said that?! He didn't liked me at all but now he probaly hates me"

Work in proces

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