This pup belongs too Sarah the FBI pup and is based on her pet great Dane Leo. He is a half-member of the PAW patrol

info Edit

20140819 162852

Laying with my hat

Leo is very playful, he would play all day if he could. He is very friendly and loves to make new friends. He is very strong, but is very gentle around smaller dogs. He loves to lay down in the grass and soak in the sun. He is very cheery and happy-go-lucky.

appearance Edit

Leo is a tawny brownish-gold colored Great Dane. He has a white spot on his lower chest. He has chocolate brown eyes and wears a camp green collar. His tag is Dark orange with his crest being a baseball, Basketball, and a soccer ball.

uniform Edit

his uniform is a dark orange color with a visor.

vehicle Edit

he has a van filled with outside play things. (Basketballs, jump ropes, soccor balls, ect.

trivia Edit

  • he lives in a home with Princess and Lilabee.
  • he has a crush on Princess.
  • he is best friends with Chase, Rubble, Marshall, and Rocky

fears Edit

loud noises.

stories he appears in Edit

gallery Edit

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