Layla is a Water Rescue Pup.

Appearance Edit

Layla is a Husky Labrador Mix. She is light Brown with a white Muzzle and Belly. She has tan on her paws and tail and has folded ears and a tan fur Tuft on her head . She has Blue eyes and has a Blue Collar.

Personality Edit

Layla is a Shy and Quiet pup. She sometimes thinks she's annoying because she Feels like she Doesn't Fit in. She Likes to play alone when she's sad. But when she's Happy She likes to stick around with her Best Friend Skye. She is Very Sweet-Hearted and Loving to Everyone.

Bio Edit

Coming Soon~

Trivia Edit

Catchphrases : Edit

  • "I'm on the Wave!"
  • "Water or Waves This Pup Can't Be Beaten!"
  • "Let's Take a Splash!"

Pup Pack tools: Edit

  • Buoy
  • Light
  • Towel
  • Scuba Gear

More Coming soon~ Edit

Stories she appears in Edit

Stories by me: Edit

Stories by others: Edit

Gallery Edit

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