Lana is a designer pup for Lea Prints

Bio Edit

Lana was a stray looking for a job and a home. One day she saw a workers wanted sign at the Lea Prints studio. She went in and asked to be tested for the job. The test was to design a dress that the owner Lea liked. She made a dress and Lea liked it! She was hired and when Lea found out she has no home she took Lana to her home with her owner Aleah.

Appearance Edit

Lana is a cockapoo like Skye but the colors are different. She has dark peach socks and mussel. Her tail middle is orange/peach while her body is peach with a dark peach 'shawl' that wraps around her shoulders and down her back and stops at her tail beginning. She has blue eyes and wears a leopard print collar. She has a bang over her left eye. Sometimes she wears an uniform like the PAW Patrol's except with no pup pack and it is leopard print.

Personality Edit

She is super kind and loves to make people laugh. She can entertain her fellow workers for hours on end even Lea!

Crush Edit

She has a crush on Ethan.

Trivia Edit

  • She can make some of the best ideas Lea has ever heard of
  • She thought of the leopard print costumes
  • She makes clothes for the strays around the studio and her house

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