Klavier is a first generation pup was created by Mystic Eevee. He is a member of the International group of prosecutor.


Klavier was born into a family that took in his mother, and father. The family that took Klavier in had three children, two girls and a boy, at ages five (daughter), ten (daughter), and seven (son). But then the family sent Klavier to a legal academy to study to become a prosecutor. And then once he finished that he went on to Germany to keep his studies as a prosecutor.


Klavier is a a brown and tan Dachshund with yellowish-brown eyes. And a scar on his right front paw and he wears a yellow collar with a prosecutor badge on it.


He is named after Klavier Gavin from Phoenix Wright

A smart pup who knows at about legal cases

Has only one case under his belt and won it within two days

Speaks English and German


Coming soon

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