Kirk is a male Australian cattle dog created by and is owned by SmokythePolicePup .


Coming Soon


Kirk has black/gray fur with a brown muzzle and brown socks on his front two paws. He has a long tail with black fur on top and grayish fur on the underside of his tail. He has orange colored eyes, pointy ears, and wears a sea green collar.


Kirk has a kind and warm personality.  He loves to visit Bon and hang around with his pups. He loves sports and often takes Puck and Polo to sporting events. He is a romantic who would do anything to make his mate happy.


  • He doesn't appear until the future gen.
  • He is bisexual.
  • He has a crush on Bon and acts like a second dad to Bon's pups from his previous marriage.
  • He loves sports and was a professional soccer player but had to retire due to an injury. It healed but he is enjoying the retired life.
  • Like Bon, Kirk was married to a female pup. However, they got a divorce after Kirk realized he'd rather be with male dogs. He has one son, Tristian, from that marriage who he raises during the week.
  • He is named after Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek.
  • He hates seafood. Just looking at it makes him feel sick.

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