Kilo doesn't have any powers, but that doesn't mean this wolf isn't fun! He loves to keep his pals happy-no matter what he has to do. Powers or not, Kilo is ready for action!


Kilo isn't your average type of wolf. He's actually pretty weird! 

When his parents had thrown him out, Kilo had decided to learn everything he could about survival. They was when a wolf shelter came across him and took him in. Kilo is weird because he sometimes does the opposite of what he is told. For example of it was time to be quiet, he'd be loud, so his friends use reverse psychology on him. 

His first friend was a female husky named Pearl, and wow, she was a motor-mouth! He learned to deal with it still.

Then they meet Collette and quickly become friends. But when Collette pulls the Paw Patrol through to their dimension, the ultimate showdown between Kilo and Company vs. Iceshard.

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