Killion belongs to Sarah the FBI pup and is based on Killion from Once upon a time

info Edit

Killion is very handsome and he knows it. He was once one of the most feared pirates on the seas, but changed his ways after meeting Emma (Elsa). He is very determined and courageous. After becoming reformed, he became very honest but still kept some of the pirate craftiness. He is very good at sweet talking and can get past any defenses. He is very sweet towards Emma, but has a rougher edge towards other pups. He is a very good sword fighter and would do anything to protect Emma and those she loves. He is very tough and a quick thinker, able to react in a second.

Appearance Edit

He is a almost black brown german shepherd. His muzzle, neck, chest, underside of tail, and paws are a cream color. His eyes are icy blue. His collar is black with a skull shaped tag.

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • He has a grudge against Mr. Gold but his reasons are for now are unknown.
  • He has a crush on Emma (Elsa)
  • He was once a pirate, but now is 'reformed' and resides in Adventure bay.
  • He is not a official member of the PAW patrol, but helps out where he can.
  • He likes to call Emma 'love'
  • He calls Mr. Gold 'crocodile'

Quotes Edit

'I'm devishly handsome.'

'I wouldn't do that love.'

'Hello Crocodile'

Friends Edit

Emma (Elsa): Girlfriend/mate

Family Edit

Jill: mother

Jack: father

Emma (Elsa): mate

Fears Edit

Death and losing Emma

Stories he appears in Edit

Gallery Edit

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