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 Kia is a forest pup and her colors are forest green, muddy brown, light green, camo she was abused as a pup, she was cut by a pocket knife on purpose, Her miserable life is over now. She is clever, but she can be mean and selfish, but she is very brave and  genius and athletic and multi-talent. (Discover more of her Bio in stories.) She is a Black and Tan German Shepherd, She has a major crush on Chase


 She is shy sometimes she is a pure adventurer. She is a complete tomboy she love boys stuff she loves nature and technology, she is very religious, She love God more than anything, she has so much more personality then this.(find out in stories) .P.S. Her best friend is Everest and Chase And McKinley.


She is often pick on for her life, believes and what she likes she is often lonely and sad.
Voice actors.

Puppy: Elsa as a kid (Frozen). Adult: GoGo Tamago (Big Hero 6)

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