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PAW Patrol Cave rescue pup






Dipper and Mabel


The night, quiet and dark places, caves, going on missions


Humans, loud and public places

I won't cave in!
~ Kendall

Kendall is the PAW Patrols cave search and rescue dog and mentor to Hollie, she is also the cousin to Daniel.

She is owned by MidnightCollies


General Appearance

Kendall is a tall Bloodhound, Samoyed crossbreed. Her fur is mostly white but she has black patches on her back, chest and back left leg, she also has tan markings on her snout, tail, paws and the tips of her ears. She had light grey\ silver coloured eyes.


She wears a red collar and pup-tag with a black bat on it. She wears a grey\silver coloured uniform and carries a darker grey pup-pack. Her pup-pack consists of a flashlight and pickaxe, she also wears a mining hat with a flashlight built in.

Pup Pack Tools:

  • Pickaxe
  • Flashlight
  • Rope
  • Shovel


Kendall is a quiet pup and tends to be alone a lot of the time, she's rather anti-social and has very few friends and prefers to be active at night when it's more peaceful and there are less people, she is never usually about during the day. Kendall usually doesn't speak much but will jump in when people do something she doesn't like, she's also very precautious and acts like a mother when the other pups do dangerous things.


Kendall was born the mutt pup of two high-class, award winning, purebred show-dogs. She was hated by her parents and former owners, they believed her to be a disgrace to the show-dog line, so she was tossed onto the streets at a young age and left to fend for herself. Surviving by finding home in a cave and scavenging at night, Kendall came to be a nocturnal pup and found serenity and peace at night time. She grew to love the night and her cave home. She joined the paw patrol as their cave rescue dog after helping Marshall find his way out of a cave when he got lost.

Stories she appears in

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  • No need to be in fright, I'll find you in the dark of night!
  • I won't cave in!
  • When someone's stuck, you can call on this pup!

(Credit to Mackie for helping me with the third one!)

Fun facts!

  • She was created by Betta-girl11 on DeviantART.
  • She was created/"born" on the 27th of November 2014.
  • She has a crush on Kristopher and loves to cuddle into his floofiness.
  • She loves bats and owls.
  • She is nocturnal, meaning she is mostly out at night.
  • She is afraid of most humans, Ryder and Katie are the only exceptions.
  • She's cousins with Daniel and is very close to her cousin, she loves going to Snowport to meet up with him.
  • She loves to play and hang out with Mindy. Although Mindy is a little younger than her, the two pups still love to play with each other. Kendall loves showing Mindy around caves.
  • In the future her and Kris have two pups, Dipper and Mabel. Kendall loves her babies and is very protective of them. She loves her daughter and loves to show her all the caves she adventured in as a pup.
  • She loves her trainee, Hollie to bits and loves to show her around the caves and teach her about them.


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