Keith is the Current Leader of the T.P.K Organization, he is owned by me, Charlie Tanner

Appearance Edit

Keith is an Orange fox with Orange fur, he has Black Tips on his ears, he has white fur on the bottom half of his muzzle, and he also has white fur on his Chest, underbelly and under his Tail, Keith has Black socks on all four of his Paws and a white tip on his tail, Keith has Bumblebee Yellow eyes, he wears a White Collar with a Golden T.P.K tag, he wears a White T.P.K uniform with a Golden T.P.K tag on his chest, when on missions, he wears a White Pup-pack with many objects, including a Dart gun, a Golden Pistol ( with Rubber and Real Bullets), a Metal staff ( That can divide into 2 if a certain button is pushed) and other accessories.

Personality Edit

Keith is Arrogant and stuck up, he can be incredibly intimidating sometimes, an then he can be really annoying, he doesn't like people getting in his way and all he cares about is his money, Keith also has a Slight british accent,he is also a Cunning trickster, he can easily manipulate anyone to get what he wants.

Bio Edit

Keith was Raised in a Very Rich home, his Mother and Father were filthy stinking Rich and his Father was the Leader of T.P.K, so, he was Spoiled, his Father died of a heart attack so Keith had to Take over for his Father at T.P.K, as Time passed by, Keith's Mother Passed and Keith got a hold of all of his parents's money, then later down the road Keith got married to a Vixen named Vanessa, they later had a A Fox kit son named Ethan , Keith and Vanessa's relationship status wasn't going so well,, Keith was Caring more about his money, than caring more about his family, so, Vanessa Left Keith and Took Ethan with her, that made Keith Angry, so, he Takes out all of his Anger on Many Blackstar Agents and T.I.C troops.

Stories he appears in: Edit

( Paw patrol ) Pokemon: Road to Champion!

Trivia: Edit

Keith is Very wealthy,

He Mastered 7 types of Fighting styles,

He is a Father,

He visits his wife and son every once in awhile.

He thinks of his Assistant Devon as a Second son.

He hates Blackstar and T.I.C, and Red

He is a Business owner. He is sophisticated He is intelligent and smart.

He is manipulative

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