This oc belongs to Auroraheart101. Please dont use without permission.


Keena is a soft, kind-hearted pup. Unlike Piper, she doesn't seem to like a lot of action. She doesn't have a job in the Paw Patrol, so she ussualy hangs out around the place. But she does love to help the pups out however she can.


Keena is a mix between a Husky and a Labrador, so she has ghost-like eyes. She has one sock on her left forepaw. Her body is brown.



After being separated from her parents, Keena wandered around the South Pole, looking for her other family. Soon she found Piper, who had been hurt by Article Wolves. She quickly lent a paw. After Piper had healed, they had wandered the South Pole together. Keena has no memory of her past life, only remembering that people had taken her parents away, thinking that they we're Article Wolves.


Her bestie is Piper

  • She loves ssnow, snow and more snow!
  • She loves scary movies
  • Has a crush on Marshall
  • Really doesn't like Tulip


Snow and Ice, that's nice!

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