This is a shared pup between Confetii and Sunny

Apperance Edit

Keeda is a Black and White husky. He has a nearly completely black head besides his muzzel and the tips of his ears. Along with a large blanket of black on the back of him. His Chest, Legs, Stomach and other parts of his legs are white besides his paws which are black. And his tail is all black besides the bottom and tip which are white. He has big blue eyes and a dark blue collar.

Personality Edit

Keeda is a pup of few words. Hes very mellow and Quiet around most pups. This is due to his shyness around other pups and self conciousness. He alwasy gets worried that he might say the wrong thing so he doesent talk very often. He prefers to either just listen or simply shake paws and nod his head.

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Random Edit

  • He is Lactosintloerant but still loves Coffe

Crush Edit

He has a crush on his usualy barista Mocha that sparked when he recognized that she had gotten him Almond milk for his coffe and found out she had gotton it specificly for him. Eventualy he found his courage and decided to ask her out, to his surprise she said yes and the two started dating soon.

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