Katie, I Shrunk the Pups! is a FanFiction story about the Paw Patrol getting accidentally shrunk down during a special mission.


After Alex Porter accidentally knocks over his "Super Shrink Ray", the Paw Patrol gets accidentally shrunk down during a special mission of helping a lost ant reunite with his family in Farmer Yumi's ant farm.


It was a beautiful morning in Adventure Bay.

Zuma: Good morning, dudes. Wake up. It's time for breakfast.

Rubble: (takes of his sleeping mask) Is it morning, already?

Skye: It is, Rubble!

Rubble: Oh, right!

All the pups laugh.

Ryder: Morning, pups.

Marshall: Morning, Ryder. Want to play fetch with us?

Ryder, Sure, Marshall. Ready, pups!

Pups: We're ready!

Ryder: Ok, here goes!

All the pups bark and howl

Rubble: It's mine! It's mine!

Chase: I got it! I got it!

Skye: No, I got it!

Marshall: I got it! I got it! (slips on his dog bowl) Whoa! (crashes into his pup house) I'm ok!

Rocky: Come to Rocky, Frisbee! (bumps on to Rubble) Oof!

Rubble: Sorry, Rocky.

Rocky: That's ok, Rubble.

Zuma: Yay! I got it!

Chase: Good for you, Zuma!

Ryder: Nice work, pups!

Scene change

Alex: Behold, my Super Shrink Ray!

Mr. Porter: That's a pretty cool invention of yours, Alex. Why don't you test it out!

Alex: Yes, Grandpa. (puts his teddy bear in front of the shrink ray and shrinks the teddy bear)

Mr. Porter: Whoa! What happened! Your teddy bear is now extremely small!

Alex: Yeah, Grandpa. As long as I use it carefully.

Mr. Porter: That's one thing that I need from you, Alex. Well, I guess I better be going. I have to go to my restaurant to do my business.

Alex: Ok, see you later, Grandpa!

Scene change

Ryder: That was a good game, pups. What should we do next?

Just then, Katie and Alex walked in together

Katie: Hi, Ryder! Hi, pups! What's up?

Ryder: Hi, Katie! We have just finished playing Frisbee.

Marshall: Yeah, that was fun!

Rubble: What else shall we do today?

Alex: I know! Paw Patrol, check out my Super Shrink Ray!

Zuma: Whoa! Awesome!

Rubble: Neat!

Rocky: That was cool!

Ryder: Alex, did you make that yourself?

Alex: Sure, Ryder. I can make everything that I like smaller. This morning, I just shrunk my teddy bear.

Chase: Really?

Marshall: What?

Rocky: That's super cool!

Rubble: Now you have a miniature teddy bear, Alex.

Everyone laughs.

Katie: Hey, let's all go inside and have some snacks.

All the pups bark and howl

Alex: Yeah. I can bring my shrink ray inside!

Ryder: Ok, Alex, but be careful. You don't want to end up shrinking us.

Everyone laughs.

Scene change

Katie: Try these chocolate tarts. I made them myself with the help from Mr. Porter.

Marshall: Mmm, delicious!

Skye: Sweet! Let's eat!

Ryder: This is really good, Katie.

Katie: Thanks, Ryder. Shall we play tag?

All: Yeah!

Katie: Ok, I'll go first. Tag, Zuma. You're it!

Zuma: Hey, Katie! No fair!

Everyone laughs

Rubble: I'm too fast for you! You can't catch me!

Rocky: In your dreams, Rubble! (giggles)

Marshall: All right, let's see who I can tag. Aha! Tag, Chase, you're it!

Chase: Marshall, I'm going to tag you back! (howls)

Ryder: Whoa!

Chase: Sorry, Ryder. I tagged you. You're it!

Ryder: (laughs) (Pup Pad rings) Ryder, here!

Farmer Yumi: Ryder, I need your help with my ant farm.

Ryder: What happened, Farmer Yumi?

Farmer Yumi: I've got a tiny baby ant who is lost. Poor little thing must be looking for his family.

Ryder: But we're too big too see the baby ant, Farmer Yumi. If only there's something we can do to help.

Alex: (laughs) I'm going to get you, Katie!

Katie: You can't catch me, Alex!

Alex: Oh, yes I can! (accidentally bumps into his shrink ray) Whoa!

The shrink ray shoots in all directions, hitting Ryder and the pups.

Ryder: What's happening?

Marshall: Whoa!

Rocky: This is not good!

Rubble: Hey! What the?

All: Whoa!

Farmer Yumi: Ryder, are you there? Hello!

Ryder: I'm still here, Farmer Yumi.

Farmer Yumi: Oh no! Ryder, why are you so small?

Ryder: I think I can guess what happened here. But don't worry, I'll come over right away. No job is too big, no pup is too small!

Marshall: Hold that thought, Ryder.

Ryder: Ok, even for a team who is shrunken down at the moment. (Beeping) Paw Patrol, come to me!

Pups: Ryder needs us!

Marshall: I'm coming! (trips over the floor) Whoa!

Pups: Ow!

Marshall: Since we're so small at the moment, I didn't get to do big goofs at this time!

All the pups laugh.

Chase: Paw Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir! Even if we're shrunk down.

Everyone laughs.

Ryder: Thanks for coming, pups. Even though we're shrunk down, we still have to help a lost tiny baby ant back to Farmer Yumi's ant farm to his family.

Rubble: Aw, that's too bad. (clears throat) I mean, let's save that ant!

Ryder: Rubble, I need you to use your shovel to dig all around Farmer Yumi's ant farm.

Rubble: Rubble on the double!

Ryder: Chase, I need you to use your net to catch the baby ant whenever it falls.

Chase: Chase is on the case.

Ryder: And finally, Marshall. I need you to use your water cannons to cool the baby ant down.

Marshall: I'm fired up!

Ryder: All right, Paw Patrol is on a roll!

All the pups bark and howl.

One minute later.

Farmer Yumi: Thanks for coming Ryder. Here are my ants. Can you see them from where you're standing? Only if you're small like now, of course.

Everyone laughs.

Ryder: Don't worry, Farmer Yumi. We'll find that baby ant in no time. Let's go inside the ant cave. pups.

All the pups bark and howl.

Chase: (barking) Light! Wow. This must be a giant ant cave.

Ryder: Sure is. Hey, I think I see something up ahead.

Chase: Let me check. Aha! That must be the baby ant. We found him!

Marshall: Oh no! The baby ant is falling down.

Ryder: Chase, your net!

Chase: (barking) Net! Got him!

Ryder: Great job, Chase!

To be continued

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