Karmel is a first gernitoatin mer-pup owned by PrincessHyperSkippy aka Skippy.I adopted her from Vixiedog her name used to be Lime tho I changed it to Karmel. All credit given to Pittbulllover for the name.

Personality Edit

Karmel is hyper pup. She's go so much energy that she doesn't know what to do with her self. She is friendly.She is intelligent. She loves to help pups and mer-pups.

Bio Edit

Karmel was not always a mer-pup. Karmel lived with her parents and her two other siblings as stray's. Until one day she was strolling the beach and herd a mer-pup cry. She ran to see if she could help. She saw the little mer-pup's baby's tail was stuck between some rocks she got it free. The mer-pup mother was so happy she give her a magical Seashell so if she blows into it she turns into a mer-pup. Tho she can only use it for fun or for an underwater emergency. Her parents even doesn't even know she's a mer-pup.

Well later in life she found out she was actually a full mer-pup and not a land pup at all. But she was undesr a spell and that magic sea shell some how breaks the spell and she also learned she was adopted and had a older adopted brother named Denzel.

Appearance Edit

Land pup form Edit

She is a golden doodle. She has dark golden toes, white socks, and dark golden above them. She has a dark gold mussel, white ear tips and and dark golden to white tail tip. 

Mer-pup form Edit

"In her mer pup from its exact the same tho from her waist and down she has a purple red and yellow tail. Also her sea shell goes around her neck or attach to her collar. "thx tho vixiedog for giving me the ideal"    

Stories she's in Edit

Fears Edit

Trivia Edit

She can only turn into a mer-pup when she blows in the magical seashell

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