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Goldie locks ( from the show for now )

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Blondie: Every one at school is buzzing about the upcoming royal student council elections. But there's only one choice for president. She's running unaposed again.Ally.

Ally: Blondie just because I don't have an opponent doesn't mean I'm not going to work my crown off. I'll use my debate time to outline my plans for royal dances, royal fundraisers, royal canned food drives, royal..

Midnight: Royal bleh royal blah royal nah-nah-nah. * laughs * Wouldn't it be great if some one else-

Kanini: I'll do it! I will run against Ally for president.

Midnight: Uhh what now?

Kanini: Vote for Kanini! Vote for me!

Midnight: Hats over crowns, vote for Kanini.

Dex: Oh a hey Midnight

Kanini: Dexter! Vote for me!

Dex: Ow! I mean ow boy thanks so much for that pin!

Blondie: So here we go fellow fairy tales! The Ever After High royal student council debate. First question goes to Ally. Why would any one not vote for you?

Ally: Let me just say I will reside over this school as I will my future kingdom. Perfectly!

*The royals all cheer well the rebels are silent *

Blondie: And Kanini my question for you is Why would you run against Apple? Are you mad? * laughs *

Kanini: Why yes and thank you for noticing. If the squirrel eats acorns but never has steak how much water fills up the lake?

*It is silent for a moment then the Rebels start cheering while the royals are silent *

Ashlynn: Excuse me?

Cedar: You heard us

Hunter: Apple's been president long enough.

Dex: Maddie's mad!

*The royals and rebels start fighting*

Kanini: Quiet!

*Everything goes quiet*

Kanini: I have a tea-riffic idea!

Tiny: It would be oh so nice if the council could widen the castle doors for not so tiny of us.

Ally: I think we can make that happen but let me check with my co-president.

Kanini: For the cave of the bear is open so wide would you really change the pool of the tide? * laughs *

Ally: What she said

The End... is just the beginning.

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