She is my Fursona and carries my real name... However much I hate it, I can't be Leva forever.


Kailey (new) ref

Kailey's updated ref

Kailey is bubbly and a bit of a goofball, she likes to have fun and will often get bored if shes not being entertained. She is a little socially awkward, and can have problems trying to talk to others. But if you get her going she will start to talk non-stop! Though she will eventually say something really awkward... She tries to laugh it off. She can be quite pleasant if she likes a person, though she may come across a little hesitant and shy. She loves to joke around, and often does so. She's a tomboy through and through, and often doesn't even care how she looks. She struggles to understand and get along well with girly girls, and usually clicks with other tomboys. She will get very hyper at random moments (mostly at night) and start bouncing off the walls. She can be a bit lazy, and mostly likes to just stay indoors. She likes to be in charge of her groups, and will insist on leading.

She can be snappish and hostile if she doesn't sleep enough, so watch out! She will get angered easily if someone tries to hurt her friends, and is very defensive of them. But if she has to choose between to friends... She will often try to avoid the situation. If she's REAAALLLY angry, she will start to become sassy, and will start to sweet talk for some reason; therefore using words like 'Sweetheart' and 'honey'. She has a hard time controlling her anger sometimes, and can get defensive easily. Although she is trying to calm down a bit more in those kinds of situations. If she wants to please a person, she will often try too hard and become annoying. Which she immediately feels guilty about and will apologize. Though when out and about she will be confident and headstrong, she doesn't take too well to criticism and will feel awful about herself. And nothing doesn't make her feel more awful than the knowledge that someone hates her... She has a small case of Autism Spectrum and has a lot of stress and problems come from it. It irritates her when others, who know of her disability, expects that she acts the same way as others. She can't, and won't be able to change that.

She loves to read and is a real bookworm! If the book she is reading is really good then she will go into what others call 'the reading zone', and will block out the entire world and just focus on her book. She loves to draw, and has been doing so since as long as she can remember. She can rarely go a day with out it, and has filled up countless of sketchbooks that rarely last her a month. She enjoys singing, and will sometimes randomly burst out into song. She loves to start scatting random diddies that seem to go on forever. She has written a few songs of her own, though they are all acapella at the moment. Writing is also something she enjoys to do, and has many stories she has written. She is a beginner animator, and practices often as she can. She has an active imagination and will often go on adventures in her head, sometimes blocking out others. Although she can't express the adventures to others very well, so she mostly keeps them to herself. She has so many ideas in her head, she can barely keep up. In fact, many ideas she has explored for months but still has yet to get it into real life.

She has two addictions that she knows and will openly admit. One is media, which she will spend more time on than she will anything else, and the other is rootbeer, which she absolutely loves and will not let anyone get in the way of her and her rootbeer. She loves being on a computer or playing a video game, and that often takes up most of the day. She will be on it somewhere between 4-12 hours at a time.


She is a light brown spotted hyena. She has dark brown hair going from her back up to the top of her her head, and a few locks that hang down and cover part of her face. She has three dark brown spots on each cheek. She has lots of spots scattered all over her body. Her eyes are brown. She wears a black collar-like necklace with eight white pearl-like gems all the way around. She has a shortish dark brown fluffy tail.


She wears a blue hoodie with a lighter blue inside, her pants are a very dark blue- almost black-, and wears black shoes.


Debby: mom

Gabe: father

Cayden: brother

Cloe: sister

Jay: older brother

Amber: little baby sister


Night eclipze: best friend

Brooke hikari: best friend

Kate (aka me): really good friend, amazing drawer, awesome character maker, and an amazing person

Hailey: Really good friend. She's sweet and kind and she enjoys talking to her.

Pipsqueak: closer than all her friends combined

Crush Edit

she has a crush on Tanner.


  • She has a on-and-off relationship with her brother
  • She has a crush on Tanner.
  • She and her little sister are best friends.
  • She has a sweet tooth and prefers Sour gummies. (Sour patch kids, Sour punch, ect.)
  • She loves righting stories and does so often.
  • She has created over 1,000 OCs (that I can remember >_>)
  • Bored? Make up a random song that goes on forever! Thats what she does. (It's true... XD)
  • She lives on her own, although she's only 14. So she has to have a caretaker named Pipsqueak
  • She loves watching shows like Sonic the Hedgehog (All generations and versions), MLP fim, Invader Zim, Wizards of Waverly place, Good luck charlie, ect. She loves Disney movies and has watched them all her life, her top favorites being Brother bear, TLK (1 and 2), Fox and the hound (1 and 2), Oliver and Company, and Pirates of the Caribbean (1, 2, and 3).
  • She's a real gamer and could play for hours.
  • She's rather a fast reader
  • She ends up adopting a son named Zach, but later would have four children with Tanner; Alexa, Will, Jay, and Luna
  • She has high functioning Autism, and anxiety


She has a deathly case of arachnophobia and will freak out at any spider no matter what the size.

She can sometimes imagine the worst case scenario and keeps away from dangerous things (like Snakes, Bison, ect.)

Likes (I have a LOT of fandoms, so I'm going to use abbreviations)Edit


Writing stories

Creating characters and OCs for all her fandoms




Paw patrol



Invader Zim






Marine blue

Barn Owls


Pirates of the Caribbean


Brother Bear

Shape shifters


Fox and the Hound

Oliver and Company

Video games


Being very sneaky







Root beer




Siamese cats





All Dogs Go to Heaven

(this list could go on forever so I'll add some more each time I edit)


Any/all vegetables that are not Peas, corn, olives, or carrots.


Getting yelled at

Being forced to do things

Hurting a friend




Most bugs

Most pop except Root Beer. (I'm addicted to it)

Artist and Writers block

Stories she appears inEdit


Polls Edit

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