Jill and Jase are first Generation pups created Mystic Eevee. They are the true parents of Rachel


A pair of pups who fell madly in love with each other the first time they meet each other and then after a while of hiding their love of each other they decided to go ahead and start to date each other.


Jill: Jill is a shiny coated Black and White Husky with black spots up and down her white tail. She has Redish-Orange eyes and a grey spot around her left eye, and four grey socks on all four paws. She also wears a Orange collar with a circle tag

Jase: Jase is a shiny coated Black furred Husky with a white. He has green eyes and a light grey spot around both eyes and four white socks on his four paws. He wears a green collar.


Jill is currently in the pound after she was accused for Jase's death

Jase was killed by drinking poisoned water when Rachel was little


Turnabout pup: Family Reunion

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