Jericho pg.


Jericho is a Water Rescue pup. And is Zuma's trainee.

Appearance Edit

Jericho is a orange Husky mix with white on his belly along with Muzzle and two front Paws. He has a red necklace around his neck and has brown eyes When he goes on missions with Zuma he wears a uniform like Zuma but Lime colored. His badge has a light green background with a buoy on it.

Bio Edit

Coming soon~

Personality Edit

Jericho is Athletic and Brave. He Loves to play Soccer and Kickball with Bryan. He is Very Protective and Loving to everyone. He kinda Doesn't get along with anyone even when new pup is meeting him and trying to be friends with him. He loves to box as his favorite sport aside Soccer.

Trivia Edit

  • He is sometimes gets called G by Bryan
  • He has a crush on Hayley.
  • He does raping Battles with Bryan
  • He is Bryan's Best friend

Catchphrases : Edit

  • "Just because I'm wet doesn't mean I'll Sweat!"
  • I'll be there in a Splash!
  • let's H20!

Pup Pack Tools : Edit

  • Diving gear
  • Buoy
  • Light (To see underwater)
  • Towel

Vehicle : Edit

Coming soon~ Edit

Fears : Edit

  • Spiders
  • Elevators

Relationships : Edit

Coming Soon~

Family : Edit

Coming soon~

Hobbies : Edit

Coming soon~

Stories He Appears In Edit

Stories by Me : Edit

Stories by Others : Edit

Gallery Edit

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