Part 1 Cast:



Prince Chase



Ryder (mentioned)

Jay: oh god

Marshall: this isn't good

Prince Chase: what do you mean

Jay: never mind

Marshall and Jay run off

Marshall: where do we go and what do we do

Jay shrugs

Jay: eat a cookie!

Marshall: no

They run up to a station 

They see a machine throwing wood

Jay: RUN!

Marshall grabs Jay

Marshal: no

They see 2 Pups

They run over

The pups are shaking

Marshall: what's wrong

A pup gets up

Ferdinand: we don't have any food

Stafford: or shelter

Jay: we can help you but what is this place

Stafford&Ferdinand: misty island

Jay: what the heck

Marshall: how do we get out of here

Stafford: we have a boat

Ferdinand: that's right

Jay: where

Stafford points towards the ocean

Marshall: woah

Jay: we know a owner that can take you his name is Ryder

Stafford: ok

Marshall: let's go

Stafford: wait!

Marshall stops

Marshall: what?

Stafford: it's not finished

Ferdinand: that's right

Marshall: when will it be finished

Stafford: not sure

Marshall sits down

Jay: what's wrong

Marshall: I wanna go home

Jay: me too but for now we have to stay here

Marshall: ugh

Just then they see a boat

Jay: HUH!

They run over to it

Jay: get on my back

Marshall jumps onto Jay

Jay spins a blue tornado and lands on the boat

Stafford: WHAT ABOUT US!


Marshall sits

Marshall: adventure bay here we come

End of part 2

Part 3

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