Jamie is gymnast/acrobat pup


Jamie is really girly and loves putting on bows and little dresses and also likes putting them on her boyfriend, Wrench, much to his dismay, she can be very hot-tempered if she sees anyone fighting especially when it comes to Wrench and Chase calling them idiots and to break it up.


Jamie is a Cockapoo with yellow-ish brown ears, much like Skye's and tail the same colour. The rest of her body is more of a cream couloir, her uniform is black with white in the front and red leg warmers. She has a black collar with a magenta tag with a beam as a sign.


Jamie was owned by a rich owner when she was a pup. She was put into many gymnastic and acrobat compitions, always winning gold. After she lost a contest, her owner left her on the streets and adopted a new pup. One day adventure bay were up against foggy bottom in a gymnastics competition. That's where she the paw patrol and won a gold medal. Ryder invited her to join the paw patrol and she accepted happily, and soon fell in love with the mechanic pup Wrench.


  • She's dating WittleFuzzyPuppehs oc Wrench
  • I adopted her from WittleFuzzyPuppehs
  • she has a fear of dirt and mud
  • She is Skye' sister and is close to her brother Maui


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