james is a miniature bull terrier (don't ask me why, he just is because I picked that dog random :-\ ) from Macon to the right of adventure bay. He grew up alongside 4 other sisters and was the only boy out of the litter, it didn't help that all of his sisters were about a decade apart from age


He is a miniature bull terrier and usually has sticky fur and a ring of food around his mouth. He has brown fur on the upper half of his body and the outer part of his legs. The lower half of his body and inner legs are white. His ears have one brown and one white. His eyes change color depending on his mood. The folowing colors and their meaning will be shown.

brown = normal

Teal = happy

Grean = envy

Yellow = confused

Pure white = anger

Red = pain

Orange = romantic, purple = amorous (rarely seen)

Yellow green = disgust (rarely seen)

Grey = tired

Blue = sympathy

Black = suspicious


James has a small white vest with a sheet of plastic around it. He has a creamy yellow collar (given to him from his owner and not Ryder) with a white badge with a symbol of a flask because James is their science dog. His pack is white and attached to it is a gas mask (to make access to it more easy and less dangerous). He has two bark commands, one for flames to burn anything that might cause harm I.e. toxic materials or pollution. His next command is for a speaker that can mimic the calls of animals or even the scent of flowers. His pack also has an extra pocket that acts as a cooler for meat and plants, this is so he can lure injured or scared animals to him. In his pack his tools are:

extra gas masks


Hand lens


animal and plants field guide

Pocket knife

Gun (for protection)

James also has special boots that was built by rocky that allow him to hover in the air. He also has sharp needle. When it snows, he puts the needle in ice to determine how thick it is and how safe it is to walk on it.

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