Jafar is Winter's crush and future boyfriend/husband and Katie's pet dog.

Appearance: Edit

Jafar is a brown cocker spainel/German shepherd with brown fur and soft and long ears. He has golden socks on all his paws and spots on his ears. He has a black ring around his tail and a white tail tip. He has blue eyes. Jafar also has a black circle around his right eye. His paws also have a lighter brown ring around them and then the socks. He wears a gold collar with a red snake tag

Personality: Edit

Jafar is laid-back and paitent. He is very polite and serious. He is also very romantic and gullible. He's a pushover when it comes to bullying, but will snap if he sees his friends hurt. He does have a playful side after meeting Winter and likes to play around with Cali, her being the only cat he can stand. Jafar also has a greedy side, and iif he wants something, he'll go out of his way to get it.

Trivia: Edit

-He helps Winter with puppysitting

-He has a strong hatred towards cats

-Jafar loves helping out Chase

-He is based off of Jafar from Aladdin

-Soon, he and Winter have three pups named Ali, Oliver, and the only daughter Mulan (Page coming soon)

-He doesn't mind Winter singing Disney songs a lot and he surprisingly named Ali and Mulan despite him not being the type to do that.

-He, like Rocky, has aquaphobia

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