Jacob and Allison my two human OCs, they are used in some stories for certain roles sometimes, but they wont be used specificly very often

Apperances Edit

Jacob - Is a light skined boy with curly dirty blonde hair and wears a pair of 'nerd' glasses that are black, he is usualy wearing a regualr outfit

Allison - She is also light skined, she has a very dark red and long mop of hair, she to wears just a normal shirt and pants

Personalities Edit

Jacob and Allison have very similar personalities being very happy and playfull people they are also pretty nice and caring, though they can be a bit mean at times, like everyone. So they really just have the most generic personality in the book

Trivia Edit

Random Edit

  • Allison lives in a big house not very far from the Lookout
  • Jacob lives in a small town house closer to Jakes then the lookout but somewhere in the middle with his dog

Job/Ocupation Edit

  • Allison kinda works alongside the Paw Patrol, if Ryder needs help or the pups need some where to say they will usualy call Allison (My Pups Mostly)
  • Jacob is an Author that writes childrens books

Crush/Relationship Status Edit

After an incident involving a ski lift, a mug of hot coco and a broken snow board the two admit there feelings for one another and start dating

Stories Edit

Gallery Edit

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