Italia was desighned for me by Vixiedog as her side of our art trade.

Apperance Edit

She is mostly white with a caramel like color on her paws. Ther back legs also have large lines of black over the caramel. The bottom of her tail is caramel with a black tip. She has green eyes and wears a bright yellow coloar with the Hazmat symbol as her crest.

Her uniform is a regular yellow top with black accents but when on a dangerous mission she wears a hazmat suit like uniform to protect her from dangerous chemicals.

Personality Edit

Even though she looks like the shy and secluded pup shes actualy the kinda dive right down and get to buisness kinda pup. She engoys playing sometimes while not on the job or on stand for a mission but when shes called up for a mission she wont alter from it and will crack down on pups who mess around while on serious missions. She isnt a full on party pooper. She likes to play when not on a job sometimes and doesent interfere with other pups fun as long as they arent messing with her.

Trivia Edit

Pup Pack Edit

  • Chemical Safe Bags
  • Large tank of Oxygen

Catchprases Edit

  • "Science Isnt Magic, Its well, Science!" (Vixie)

Vehicle Edit


Random Edit

  • She is named after a Girl in my Class
  • Please do not ask about a Crush
  • She works with Delila sometimes

Crush Edit


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