"Isle is created by Jon64"


As little, Isle live in the animal shelter which make her feel a little afraid even though that she was in good care. After 2 months, Ryder comes to the animal shelter and adopts Isle, then she meets the PAW Patrol which it make her feel happy for meeting them. After a time her duty as PAW Patrol member is being a rescue pup which she rescues people who are in danger/big trouble.


Isle is always an active pup most of the day, even more at night, when she doesn't have any tasks to do she realizes some of her favorite hobbies which means that she is a very happy pup, but when she becomes upset or angry she always makes something for making her feel better.


Isle is a golden retriever pup with blue eyes, she has a sky blue collar with a green badge. Her uniform is of color lemon and also has a first-aid kit for when someone is injured.

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